The Way to Win for BEENTEER GROUP.


The way to victory lies not in the tools but in the real people. BEENTEER GROUP Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the role of talents and the cultivation of talents. By forming a research team and relying on team strength, it has embarked on the development path of self-control valves. It is a member unit of the National Valve Standardization Technical Committee, a drafting unit for the national standard of pneumatic actuators, and a drafting unit for the industry standard of V-shaped ball valves

BEENTEER GROUP Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 and currently covers an area of 5200 square meters with over 100 employees. It has a technical department, production department, quality inspection department, sales department, and finance department. After decades of continuous efforts, it has developed into a control valve enterprise that integrates design and development, process manufacturing, product sales, and after-sales service.

Scientific research is the cornerstone of enterprise takeoff, and technical talents leap to a new level

The progress of science is very slow and requires crawling to reach another point. From the processing of incoming materials in the 1980s to the current independent research and development; From outdated manual valve production to the current high-precision automatic control valve production. After more than 30 years of continuous exploration, the R&D team of BEENTEER has continuously surpassed itself, starting from its own technical weaknesses and the shortcomings of domestic pneumatic valves relying on imports, forming a R&D team, introducing "processing centers", exploring advanced foreign production methods, and striving to "control foreign countries with foreign countries", realizing the great vision of exporting self-control valves more than importing.

If a person can do their best, everything will prosper. The power of scientific research ultimately stems from the power of talent, and Chairman Ji Yucheng attaches great importance to caring for skilled talents.

BEENTEER has established cooperative relationships with major universities to attract talents from these universities into the company, resulting in a young overall employee structure. The company has a high degree of automation and electrification, involving a large number of electrified production equipment, so it requires high cultural level of employees. From administrative systems to frontline personnel, the proportion of college graduates is much higher than that of peers. To retain outstanding talents, the company provides free single apartments and full package Chinese meal benefits for new employees.

Continuously improving the system for cultivating, utilizing, evaluating, and incentivizing skilled talents, while promoting research and development production, and transforming research and development achievements into productivity, is one of the reasons why Bintel has become an excellent domestic automatic control valve enterprise.

Focusing on "2 directions" to achieve overtaking on bends

2010 was the most difficult year for BEENTEER. Affected by the civil lending crisis, the overall market situation has declined, and many funds cannot be recovered, resulting in the company experiencing two to three years of slow development.

Since being trapped, BEENTEER has done a good job in top-level design of the enterprise, starting from the "two reforms" and empowering the revitalization of the enterprise.

On the one hand, it is the reform of enterprise management models. The development of modern enterprises requires not only strengthening the improvement of productivity, but also strengthening enterprise management. BEENTEER made a bold move towards the "management model of people managing people", changing the previous inefficient management of "people managing people, low efficiency, and exhausting people". Within one year, the transition from human management to institutional management was completed.

Without rules, there is no square. The development of enterprises cannot be separated from institutional management, and BEENTEER has established a set of effective management measures to safeguard it. Introducing ERP system - Enterprise Resource Planning, effectively sharing and utilizing enterprise resources, and improving manufacturing execution capabilities by helping enterprises achieve production plan management, production process control, product quality management, workshop inventory management, project dashboard management, etc; Introducing CRM system - Customer Relationship Management System, utilizing software, hardware, and network technology to establish an information system for enterprise to collect, manage, analyze, and utilize customer information; Implement KPI performance evaluation, where all employees, including those on the production line, have their own KPI indicators and are subject to institutional constraints to achieve self-management.

On the other hand, it is the reform of enterprise productivity. BEENTEER has added high-end equipment and introduced more than 20 foreign "processing centers" to increase production while taking product accuracy to a new level. On the other hand, the latest MES manufacturing execution system has been introduced in the production management system, mainly responsible for production management and scheduling in the workshop, enabling active management and quality control throughout the entire production process.

Based on the excellent top-level design of the enterprise and accurate judgment of information, BEENTEER's valve business is thriving and thriving, with an average annual guaranteed growth rate of 30%. The growth rate last year and this year can even reach over 50%. It is reported that BEENTEER is building a production base in Lishui, covering an area of about 30 acres. The dormitory building has been completed, and the steel structure of the factory is under construction. It is expected to be put into production and use by the end of the year, with a total investment of 60 million yuan.

With the completion of the Lishui base, BEENTEER will completely break through the predicament of limited space and take a new step towards development.